Service Dog Recognizes Owner’s Panic Attack And Soothes Her

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Published: July 13, 2018

Certified professional dog trainer, Amber Oliver, from Massachusetts trained her dog to recognize oncoming panic attacks by detecting changes in human behaviour. Watch how five-year-old, Oakley, reacts on the changes in her body temperature, breathing and heart rate and alerts about a panic attack!

This is the heartwarming moment when a clever support dog recognizes its owner’s panic attack at the airport and immediately gives a very soothing treatment to owner. Watch as this thoughtful dog comforts owner by rubbing its body against its human, and giving endless hugs and kisses! Is there any better way to stop a panic attack? We don’t think so!

Our pets are our companions, but you can definitely train your pet to also be yours and your close one's guardian as well. This woman puts her dog to the test in this controlled training exercise and records dog’s reaction to her having a panic attack.

Therapy dogs are trained to help those who are sick and in need and play a very important role in human lives. Service animals assist those with medical conditions helping them with their daily tasks, and therapy dogs provide priceless emotional support to those in need!

However, not all service dogs are healthy and without flaws. Take Harley for example, the yellow Labrador who lost her eyes to glaucoma, but uses her disability to help children in the hospital. This therapy dog has had an incredible journey over the course of her life, but keeps on having a very positive attitude on life! Sweet pooch!

She was only five-years-old when she developed this condition which causes gradual blindness, and unfortunately in Harley’s case, she lost her eyesight entirely almost overnight, leaving her vets wonder how her blindness occurred so rapidly.

After going blind, the glaucoma caused a buildup of pressure that caused Harley pain, so owner Rita Harrell made the difficult decision to have Harley’s eyes removed in order to improve her quality of life. When she came home after she had her eyes removed, she was like a puppy, very happy and constantly wagging her tail!

Harley keeps a very playful and cheerful attitude despite of her disability which makes her a perfect candidate for a therapy dog. Now, she visits Shriners Hospital for Children, brightening the days of its young patients and inspiring them to overcome their difficulties, just like she did.

Children patients reach out to pet Harley and giggle when she licks their cheeks. Harley has created a special bond with these kids in braces and wheelchairs and lightens their day!

In another video, a caring mother put the family dog to the test and recorder dog’s reaction to her hitting the newborn baby. Watch as the pooch closely observes mother’s intentions with the little baby, and acts accordingly. Namely, after witnessing that the baby is in potential "danger", the pooch confronts the mother in order to protect the infant. Amazing!

The woman appears to be angry and acting like trying to hit the child by smacking on the crib with rolled paper and a stick. The dogs barks at her after each hit then jumps and tries to take whatever is in her hands away. After each successful attempt, she praises him for his good job.

The clip has been all over the Internet, with people commenting that what the mother is doing is insane and the child should be taken away from her. If you pay closer attention to the baby, you will notice that the child is undisturbed and unhurt.

Although not all dogs can be protective of their owner's younglings, training can be crucial if you want to teach your dog to pay special close attention to the safety of your child. Training a dog requires a test in a simulated and controlled environment, so what this mother is doing as actually pretty safe. If you are still uncertain of the method, consult a specialist trainer.

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