Happy Baby Elephant Cuddles With Caretaker

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWatch this amazing video, where you can see a small elephant playing with his caretaker Lisa. It seems that the innocent baby elephant is having a lot of fun. This little elephant named Suki is very friendly and he is very grateful to have been saved by the elephant rescuers of "The Chai Lai Orchid".

"The Chai Lai Orchid" is a non-profit business that works to rescue elephants and combat the trafficking of baby elephants and ivory. This is the newest baby that was born here and is called Suki. Unfortunately, when Suki was born her mother was killed by poachers, but thanks to "The Chai Lai Orchid" Suki now grows happily and safely in the sanctuary of the organization.

The administrator and caretaker of The Chai Lai Orchid, Lisa Harminton, has always felt a great fascination and respect towards the wild animals in Asia, especially the elephants. As it grew, this admiration slowly grew into a concern due to the great hunting of elephants in the Middle East for almost 50 years, which inspired her, along with her and other volunteers to form the team of "The Chai Lai Orchid".

In the video, we could see shows Suki playing freely with Lisa, which clearly shows how happy she is in this shelter. Despite being a baby elephant for 2 months, his weight is already around 100 kilograms.. Even though her mother died when Suki was born, this baby elephant has had an incredible growth, and with the care and love of Lisa and the whole team of "The Chai Lai Orchid" it is estimated that by the time Suki is about 15-years-old he will already reach adulthood, and of course - sexual maturity. The young males residing in the elephant sanctuary where Suki olives least 10 years old, and we will be sure that very soon we will have new baby elephants, along with the other young females of the sanctuary.

Experienced veterinarians, planners and specialists in fauna, turned what at the beginning was only a dream, into a tangible reality, now with its first headquarters in Thailand, in the town of Chiang Mai. This small but noble organization has the support of the local government, which provides a small renumeration to its workers and collaborators, as well as the help of some private companies concerned about these noble animals, which are practically the tourist animal symbol of Asia.

Lisa estimates that for the next 2 years they can count on more personnel to be able to care for and protect around 50 elephants in the habitat, which have about 53 Hectares, and also aspires to be able to recruit specialists in tourism, in order to raise more funds for the organization and cover part of the administrative expenses.

Hundreds of Elephants are killed every year, and a great awareness campaign is expected to alert the population and count on their collaboration to stop this great offense against Mother Nature and preserve the life of these wonderful specimens.

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