Elephants Rescue Stranded Tourists In Flood-hit Nepal

Published August 14, 2017 679 Plays

Rumble Officials say hundreds of tourists were rescued with the help of elephants from a flooded jungle safari park in Nepal.

When floods recently struck Nepal and stranded hundreds of tourists in a jungle safari park, dozens of elephants came to the rescue. The Rapti River had overflowed its banks in Sauraha, roughly 80 kilometers west of Kathmandu, leaving about 600 tourists stranded in the popular tourist destination.

“Some 300 guests were rescued on elephant backs and tractor trailers [and taken] to [nearby] Bharatpur yesterday [Sunday] and the rest will be taken to safer places today,” Suman Ghimire, head of a group of Sauraha hotel owners, told Reuters.

Dozens of people have died in Nepal as flash floods and landslides, caused by monsoon rains, have swept through villages. More than 16 million people have been affected by monsoon flooding across the South Asian countries of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh - putting huge numbers at risk of disease, hunger, and death.