Goat Jumps On Donkey's Back To Reach Leaves

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIn an attempt to reach some leaves on a branch of a tree, a goat has enlisted the help of a donkey, who seems nonplussed about being used as a step ladder. A resourceful goat, apparently having seen some delicious looking leaves in a tree, decided to use the services of a nearby donkey to assist it in reaching them. It is pretty unclear how the goat was able to position the donkey in the precise location required to reach the tree branch, nor is it clear how it was able to get on to the donkey’s back without getting itself kicked in the face for its troubles.

Whether it was through great ingenuity or sheer dumb luck, the fortunate goat has been able to get itself up onto the back of the donkey, allowing it to reach the high branches of a tree, and enjoy its leaves.

The goat seems to be having a grand old time up on the donkey’s back and is happily taking advantage of its new-found position. With the help of the friendly donkey, the goat is now just at the right height to reach the branches of the tree. It walks up and down the back of the donkey, savouring the leaves of the tree which had previously been out of reach.

The behavior of the donkey seems rather unusual, especially considering it does not seem to be getting any benefit out of this particular arrangement. No leaves are falling down on to the grass for the donkey to eat, and the goat certainly does not appear to be making any effort to share. Despite having an insolent goat trotting back and forth on its back, the donkey appears to be nonplussed about being used as a step ladder.

A curious onlooker in the form of a white goat, looks up at its friend standing up on of the donkey. It seems like it wants to get in on the action and have some leaves as well, but the male goat is in no mood to share. The donkey does not appear to be suffering any pain or discomfort despite being trodden on by the hooves of the goat. The video concludes with the goat continuing to enjoy the leaves of the tree from his new vantage point up on the donkey.

Whether it is due to the goat’s intelligence, or the donkey’s lack of it, this video is an interesting showcase of animal behaviour. The goat seems to have greatly benefited from being able to gain the higher ground at the expense of one of its fellow farm animals. Despite apparently gaining nothing from this arrangement, the donkey seems quite happy to give the goat a hand while getting its lunch. Any other donkey would most likely have given him a swift kick to the head, and deservedly so. This donkey however, does not appear to be particularly bothered by this arrangement. Fortunately for this goat, it seems to have picked the right animal for the job.


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