Goat Climbs Onto SUV To Reach Tasty Leaves

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsViolet is a Lamanche goat who lives on Hamish's farm in Indian River. It's a wonderful place where animals are treated much like family. Violet is a special breed, known for their short ears and long legs. These long legs allow Violet to climb onto things that ordinary goats can't reach, like the SUV that is used on the farm.

Violet knows that the delicious leaves that fall from the soft maple trees near the front gate will collect on the roof and hood of the truck and she has learned how to leap up onto it to get at them. Violet, like all goats, has a voracious appetite and a stomach made of iron. She will eat almost anything, no matter how much food she is provided.

Violet was born on the farm and has bonded with the dogs, following them everywhere. She has a personality that is much more like a dog than a goat. She will also follow Hamish and his mother, Gertrud around the farm, demanding to be petted and played with, much like a puppy. Violet made friends with the donkeys after a few weeks and developed a very special friendship with them, thoroughly enjoying her regular visits to the back field where the donkeys graze.

Hamish and Gertrud have run this farm their whole lives. Tragically, the barn and the residence burned down in the fall of 2016. Fortunately, all of the animals survived the blaze. They spent 2017 rebuilding the barn and the house, caring for the animals as they did so. The farm is home to an outrageous cockatoo named Syd, an affectionate donkey named Monty, sheep, horses, cows and several dogs. Each one has its own unique personality and its own place in the family. Visitors to the farm are immediately taken by the animals and they can't help but notice the outgoing personalities and human-like traits.


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    Can't be good for the paint job on the SUV, but so cute just the same!

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