Black Swan Helps Feed The Koi Fish

5 years ago

The black swan from this video is not only incredibly graceful and looking beautifully, but is helpful and generous as well as it appears to be feeding a large gathering of koi fish. This act is not something you see every day but it is still relatively common to witness swans being surrounded by fish, usually koi or other common carp, during their mealtime. Though incredibly endearing to watch swans share their food with the beautiful and brightly-colored fish, the reality of the situation is far simpler.

In the vast majority of these cases, the swans are only trying to enjoy a meal on their own and are simply wetting their food in the water in order to soften it and make it easier for digestion. Because a swan's meal generally consists of dry food, water is necessary to ensure that the food goes down their long necks more easily. They will pick up the food and dip it into the water while quickly opening and closing their beaks. During this process, small amounts will most likely fall into the water and the fish may notice the remaining food floating around. They will then gather around the swan in the hopes of taking advantage and catching some of its food.

These beautiful and mesmerizing fish come in different colors including the brighter shades of yellow, red, orange and even white as well as darker shades such as blue or black. They are very friendly, and if properly accustomed to their surroundings they will usually come up to the surface where people may feed them. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see large gatherings of koi fish swimming up to the surface when they see a swan trying to eat.

The swans in these situations generally do not mind the fish. While some may try to avoid them, other will most likely grow used to their new meal companions and will be perfectly content with a large audience during lunch time. Therefore, while they are not consciously trying to share their meal they are still feeding the fish nonetheless. And, though the reality of the situation is not as spectacular as imagined it is still a unique sight to witness as both fish and swan are able to enjoy their meal together.

Some fish will swim up to a very close proximity of the swans even trying to eat directly from their beaks and others will simply swim around and collect the bits and pieces of the food that happens to fall into the water. This then creates a beautiful scene to witness as the elegant nature and black coloring of the swan beautifully contrasts with the bright fish around it creating a mystical scene straight out of a fairy tale as seen in this very short yet captivating video.

Therefore, if you happen to catch the two species interacting and enjoying a meal together make sure to photograph or record it for everyone to see the beauty of both the swan and the fish.

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