Kids Feed Koi Fish In Thailand With Baby Bottles

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Published: March 14, 2018Updated: March 19, 2018

Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia and for a good reason! You can find anything you want there, green jungle, crystal blue waters and food for everyone’s tastes. It is wild, but yet a safe place to visit. Floating markets is what tourists are very attracted to. Take a look at his footage of kids feeding fish with baby bottles! Unbelievable and yet adorable!

At a floating market in Thailand, tourists from around the world flock to the water’s edge to give the fish food from baby bottles. What a bizarre fashion! A baby’s milk bottle is filled with fish food and put on the end of a stick. Some people even hold the bottles with their bare hands.

This may sound unusual to some, but once you put the baby bottle in the water, fish gather around the bottle for lunch time. The hungry fish aren’t shy to reach for their food, they even compete with each other. Koi carp fish comes in variety of colors and patterns. Collecting these attractive creatures is a serious business though.

The biggest price paid by a UK collector was £100,000 for ‘Jessica Rose’ Koi carp. The fish prices go from £5 for a tiddler to £2000 for a three-footer that can be decades old. Healthy Koi carps can grow up to 4 feet. There are 13 basic varieties, but the Kohaku type is the most popular. This ornamental fish has a very unique physical appearance with red patterns.

Watch these Koi fish in Thailand enjoying their meals from a bottle just like babies! Incredible view!

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