Dog Gets Serious Airtime While Diving Into Lake

Published August 11, 2018 968 Views $1.29 earned

Check out the athletic ability of this pup as it jumps off the dock and into the lake to fetch a ball. Impressive!

What better way to enjoy a warm summer day than to take a dip into the lake. The puppy from this video certainly knows how to have fun in the water.

In this very short video, we can see a small puppy taking a big leap off the dock and diving into the lake in order to catch a ball. Playing fetch, for this puppy, seems to be equally fun on land and in water as he is ready to get his paws wet without any hesitation if it means catching and returning the ball that his owners threw.

Despite the fact that many dogs possess a strong fear of water and have trouble getting a bath let alone go for a swim, many dogs also enjoy the water and will gladly enter it.

Among dogs that are not quite fond of water, the problem may lie in the ability, or rather inability to swim. Certain dog breeds are not suited for swimming due to their shape and size or they may tire easily which can then cause them to experience anxiety and panic when in water. For other dogs, the cause may simply be in the fear of the unknown. If they have never been around or in the water, they are bound to feel a level of apprehension or uneasiness when suddenly presented with the vastness of a pool, a lake, a sea and other places alike.

Still, it is possible to train a dog and eliminate their fear by slowly introducing them to water and letting them explore and ease into it. During this process, patience and supervision are important to ensure safety and create trust. Then, there is a good chance that the dog will eventually take the big plunge and dive headfirst into the endless fun that the water offers.

There are many videos showcasing the love some dogs have for water. For them, water can act as a great way to cool off during more warmer days as well as get some enjoyable exercise which can help them get in shape and further better their health.

Swimming can also be a fun activity and if they feel completely comfortable in the water, dogs will sometimes jump in and play fetch in the water or simply swim beside their owners until they feel ready to leave and continue the fun on the beach or another dry land.

The adorable and adventurous puppy from this video seems to feel right at home in the water and does not think twice about jumping in. Instead, he shows off his impressive talent of jumping off a dock with incredible ease and quickly swimming towards the ball.

While other dogs may not be as enthusiastic as this puppy, they may find other ways to entertain themselves around water. And, if properly trained, both owner and dog will find great enjoyment and experience lots of fun at the beach or out in nature at a lake where both can wind down and enjoy the coolness of cold water on a perfect summer day.

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