This Is The Only Possible Explanation For Enthusiastic Traffic Cops

Published March 7, 2018 15 Views

Rumble There are some days when you just don’t feel like you want to get up from bed, let alone stay trapped in traffic for the better part of your morning. But there you are, slowly inching your way to your cubicle when you see the most enthusiastic traffic cop redirecting you to another lane. There is just no way possible that someone is so cheery in the morning while you’re still seeing through bleary eyes and nursing your second venti cup of coffee. But what if there is an explanation to this, albeit a bit unbelievable. Check out this hilarious video, and don’t let the bad man stop you from laughing.

It all starts with a girl dressed as a traffic cop dancing to her heart’s content on the street, but it that really the case? We soon notice that she has an earpiece and grimaces as a person instructs her to dance in order to save her beloved one. Talk about a plot twist! The video then shows us the villain which is keen on making many people suffer this way. We gradually see them tired and dancing while their loved ones are crying in the background. The last scene shows us the traffic girl getting too tired to move and stopping while a shot is heard in the distance.

So, next time you see them smiling and showing their pearly whites, don’t be a grouch. Smile back and make their day brighter, because they just might need it. Also, check for dancing people in the vicinity, you never know…