Teammates Mess With Parachute Before Jump To Prank Colleague

KatieHansen Published August 1, 2018 220 Plays $0.36 earned

Rumble / PranksWith friends like these, who needs enemies? A team of base jumpers decides to play a prank on one of their group through the clever use of misdirection, and a purple parachute.

The scene is set with a base jumper getting ready to perform a jump off a bridge that crosses a deep canyon. Our jumper is fully equipped with a parachute, and a helmet with a GoPro camera mounted on top. Other members of the team look on, some also recording the jump using their smartphones. He looks at his teammate to ask if he is ready to go, seeking assurance that all his equipment is set up properly. A wry smile crosses his face as he asks again if everything is good to go, a sign that something unexpected may be about to happen.

The teammate, holding a purple parachute in his hands, looks at the gear being worn by the jumper. He appears to be somewhat hesitant in his response, as though he is not entirely certain that he is ready to perform the task that is coming ahead. He looks at the parachute loosely strapped to the jumper, pauses to think for a moment, before giving the all clear to jump.

The countdown begins and then the jumper leaps off the bridge. Just seconds after he begins his descent, however, the purple parachute that was strapped on to him suddenly comes loose, with the strap appearing to come undone, leaving his dumbfounded teammate holding on to the chute. He looks on helplessly and curses as the jumper appears to be plummeting at high speed, sans parachute, to the bottom of the canyon. Panic ensues in the next few seconds as thoughts race through his mind about what has just transpired. Did he forget to check the parachute properly before giving the all clear to jump? Did his actions lead to unimaginable consequences?

Within seconds, however, it comes clear what has really happened, as the jumper opens a white parachute, and begins a gentle descent. What initially appeared to lead straight to an unimaginable tragedy, is in fact, was nothing but a harmless joke. The ruse is up as everyone starts laughing at the poor victim of the prank. Still clutching the parachute in his hands, he curses profusely at his teammates for having done this to him, but can’t help but laugh himself at falling for the trick that has been played on him.

A short but amusing video showing a humorous prank on an unsuspecting victim, who must have experienced the most terrifying few seconds of this life as he watched his friend rapidly descending towards the ground. It looks like it the experience may have even more terrifying than the base jump itself. All in all, it looks like a bit of harmless fun, and an experience that the group will talk about for years to come.

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