Adorable 2-Year-Old Preciously Says Her ABC's

Published August 1, 2018 3,298 Plays $5.09 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis cute little girl reciting her ABC's is the absolute cutest video you will see today. Enjoy!

The parent-child relationship is a figure eight that feeds the other side that feeds the other side that feeds the other side, and on it goes, forever. The child tries so hard to please her father, and the bond, it might be observed, is especially immutable in the father-daughter relationship.

Though we may not know exactly what it means, we have heard in popular wisdom that we can tell the success of a marriage if we know what kind of relationship the daughter had with her father. A strongly positive experience means the daughter will know her own mind and seek healthy, rather than abusive relationships throughout life. A daughter whose affections weren’t rewarded early in life will grow into a woman who attaches to abusive men. Whether that is a proven law of developmental psychology, don’t you think that a healthy adulthood is predicated on a healthy father-child dynamic? Of course!

For one thing, there is an extra burden on humans to learn more than just love. We have to learn complex communication skills. We’re not talking grunts, but symbolic reasoning. It’s a fact that a great part of the human brain is distinctive for its ability to learn a language in the form of speaking, reading, and writing. Yes, we may begin life by simply repeating language elements, but even the babbling pre-verbal child will string sounds together in novel combinations just for its intrinsic reward, for reasons as much biological as they are social.

Even the hand-signing gorilla Koko, who passed away this past June was significant for learning a skill atypical of all hairy apes, whether gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan, etc. There is even a fair amount of skepticism as to Koko’s abilities. For one thing, Koko’s signing had to be interpreted through a trainer, Francine Patterson. The language Koko learned was modified from American Sign Language (ASL), but not true ASL. Koko was reported to be able to sign about 1,000 words, but in every case, it was Koko’s handler who did the interpreting. People will very quickly learn to communicate without the intercession of our parents. Most school children would prefer it if their parents stayed out of their school life. Can you imagine a parent saying “What he really means is…” at your job interview?

We can’t tell just from this video if the little girl is a prodigy (although most parents attribute special intelligence to their own children), but she’s definitely getting the hang of the basics. Observe how her father rewards her successes. The fortunate little girl doesn’t have to be perfect to receive praise from her proud daddy. It is enough that she tries. She is well on her way. We can be assured that this time next year, the girl will be reading Shakespearean sonnets and performing integral calculations. Ok, so we’re overestimating the typical child’s abilities just a wee bit. But it’s probably safe to reason that this tot is a cute kid with a bright future ahead of her.