Curious Orangutan Asks Lady To Remove Bandages And Show The Wound

Newsflare Published July 28, 2017 5,867,227 Plays

Rumble Many people consider wild animals to be unpredictable and scary, but we are often proven wrong when these kinds of things happen.

An amazing video has emerged from the US of an orangutan appearing to interact with a woman who suffered from burns. In the clip, captured on July 14 in the Indiana ZOO in Putnam County, IN, the primate attentively observes Darci Miller whilst she shows her burn scars, capturing the attention of everyone present at the enclosure.

'The orangutan was completely interested in my burn scars and recent surgery sights,' the filmer later wrote online. 'I am a burn survivor from 2015, yes it has its up and down, but this particular day made me feel really good about myself,' she added.

A remarkable video has emerged from an orangutan appearing to be mesmerized by a woman with bandages. Footage shows the curious mammal closely observing the woman's bandages trying to figure out what is hiding underneath them through the window of his enclosure. How adorable is that?

Watch as the orangutan tries to show to the lady with his tiny fingers that he actually wants her to remove the bandages and show him the wound! What an emotional moment! This amazing animal has touched so many hearts already and now we have had the opportunity to have just one moment with him. Have you ever interacted with an orangutan? They are truly amazing creatures and it is fun to be around them!

Darci went with her boyfriend to the ZOO to see Rocky the orangutan, but what they were not expecting was the primate curiosity of them as well. When the woman approached the enclosure, the orangutan kept pointing his fingers to her bandages, clearly asking to see what she was hiding underneath. Darci was all too eager to oblige the curious animal, so she would peel off her bandages to let the distant relative take a closer look at her injuries.

Rocky would even look straight into Darci’s eyes, as if he understands the pain she is in. In return, she puts her palm on the glass, as a sign of thank you.

Although as of lately zoos get a bad reputation for keeping animals away from their natural habitat and keeping them under locks, their main goal is to educate people on the billions of different species living in the most remote places on Earth, threatened by extinction by global warming or by the human hand, and luckily, every once in a while, they teach us that we may come in different forms, but we are all alike.

Working in a zoo can be quite dangerous at times, but it pales in comparison to the times it’s made you feel elated to even know these amazing creatures. Being a zoo caretaker lets you get to know these beautiful souls a little bit better and create a tight bond, even become friends.

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  • PennyGwynne, 1 year ago

    'Rocky would even look straight into Darci’s eyes, as if he understands the pain she is in. In return, she puts her palm on the glass, as a sign of thank you.'..... Captive and living in a zoo for the amusement/enjoyment of humans - yes I'm sure he does understand her pain.

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    • Rbenitez1969, 1 year ago

      I hate to see them in a cage ... 😞

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      • beadsy, 1 year ago

        it,s sad,but in Indonesia they get killed on sight to make way for Palm oil plantations

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  • Amadeusmonroe, 1 year ago

    It should not be surprising that a female monkey is sentient and able to express and communicate as we are all sentient beings. You see, the orangutan was attempting to tell her this. 🤔🙄

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    • Horsepower, 1 year ago

      Rocky is a male orangutan BUT I've found that almost all animals have more compassion than the average human.

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  • leena09, 1 year ago

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