Neighborhood Cats Greet Bulldog During His Walk

Published July 30, 2018 23,029 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsOzzie the bull dog has some serious mojo. He exudes confidence and power, yet is the perfect gentleman, and that’s what cats really like. When Ozzie comes out to play, he makes every cat’s day!

“Good day, Madam,” we can imagine Ozzie greeting Miss Tabby with a high brow London accent. Of course, it would be more believable if he sported a bowler and a walking stick.

“G’day, Ozzie, and how might your day be goin’?” replies Miss Tabby with a hint of Cockney.

“Brilly Madam, just brilly. Cheerio, then.”

“Ta ta, Ozzie, I’ll be off to the Smith’s now, for a spot of cream. Say hi to the missus for me, won’t cha, Ozzie?”

“Bully! Tally ho now.”

Ok, that was a little bit over the top, but you get the idea. How did these guys get to be such good friends? They obviously know each other from previous engagements. This is probably a recurring scene, maybe even daily. Ozzie must have that sense of community that gives meaning to his life; a feeling of security and belonging. His handler even knows the cats by name. Did Ozzie and the neighborhood cats grow up together?

There was a time not long ago in the Gestalt of popular consciousness when it was the cat’s place to be chased by the neighborhood dog. We see times have changed, where the archaic barriers that separated dog and cat have given way to “perestroika”, a kind of reformed interspecies relations. Achieving peace between dog and cat is the next logical step, after moon and Mars exploration, in the evolution of social consciousness.

We should also consider the point of view of the mistress, who must be proud of her Ozzie. Ok, let’s just say it: some dogs can be jerks. But Ozzie’s not a jerk, he’s a real charmer. He’s the kind of dog that professional dog sitters and walkers would be standing in line for the privilege of servicing. After this video goes viral, dog walkers might actually be making offers for the opportunity to add Ozzie to their portfolios.

“And here it says that in the summer of 2018 you walked Ozzie the bulldog? That wouldn’t be THE Ozzie the bulldog, now would it?”

“Yes, ma’am, one and the same.”

“I think there’s a place for you here at Happy Kennels, Ms. Richardson. Come back here on Monday at 8:00. See Marie in HR for orientation.”

Ok, that may also be a little exaggerated, but maybe not as much as a dog that talks like Winston Churchill, or a cat that talks like Mary Poppins. In any case, the genuine affection between these neighborhood cats and their favorite dog is undeniable. It must be a great place to live. Do you suppose the humans are as friendly to each other? They probably are. We get a clear view of one of the license plates, and a partial view of another, and the street appears to be somewhere in the Netherlands. Obviously this is a community where the protocols of civility exist at a higher standard than many of us are used to.