Bulldog Learns To Walk With Shoes

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Published: July 6, 2017

Another amazing video emerges as this fashionable bulldog is putting on a mini fashion show for her owners! She's learning how to walk in her brand new snow shoes and it's the cutest thing we've ever seen! All it takes is a little patience and some peanut butter and she's got it down pat! This is a video that no dog owner should ever miss!

Isn't this video just adorable? Look at this dog putting on a show for the internet to watch! Who wouldn't want to have a dog this fashionable! Seeing this dog walk around in it's new shoes cannot help but to bring a smile to your face as we have all had those moments when breaking in a new pair of shoes to wear. Who knew dogs even liked to wear shoes? What we do know is that the video is truly a memorable and unique moment that should not be missed by anyone! Do you put shoes on your dog?

If this dog diva ever runs out of shoes, more dog shoes from Amazon can be bought to satisfy it's fashion needs!

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