Confused Puppy Can't Fathom Harmless Mango

5 years ago

Orchid the puppy is alarmed by this tiny mango. Don't worry buddy, it can't hurt you!

What is sweeter: a ripe yummy piece of fruit or a cute puppy? How about both? Watch the video at the top of the page.

This very short video showcases a confused but adorable puppy named Orchid. He is feeling alarmed due to a, for him, scary looking and unidentifiable object being placed in front of him. The alien object, in this case, is nothing more than a harmless and delicious mango which any human watching would gladly eat but which for this puppy presents a great threat. The owner of this cute little dog has captured his surprised reaction, his curiosity and possibly even fright upon seeing and tasting the tiny mango placed in front of him. The puppy proceeds to analyze the curious object and is even seen and heard barking at the fruit while jumping from place to place and then resting beside it, wondering what the object is or even awaiting a response from it.

These types of videos portraying various fruit or vegetables being placed in front of pets and capturing their astonishment or fright have been quite popular and are very adorable and funny, with this video being no exception. However, what causes animals, and in this case dogs, to have such a dramatic reaction to a simple The answer may simply be that any object being placed in front of a dog brings an element of surprise as the dog does not expect that particular object or has never seen it before and therefore proceeds to approach and treat it with caution. Any new and unexpected item or person a dog meets will be greeted with a certain degree of suspicion and fruit and vegetables are no exception. Some food may in itself look frightening such as cucumbers which may resemble a snake, or pineapples and other such fruit which may look like nothing that the dog has seen before. However, food does not have to have an intimidating appearance to cause curiosity. Simple oval or ball-shaped fruit may invoke a similar reaction as well. In that case, it is important to remember that dogs have a sense of smell that is significantly greater than that of any human. This, in turn, may produce an unusual reaction from the dog as he encounters a new and strange smell and taste which can cause some confusion as seen with the beautiful puppy in the video above.

At the very beginning, we can see the puppy licking or trying to bite the mango which than causes his silly reaction. He may have been surprised and discouraged by the taste of it which might have been unpleasant to him. This then, consequently, caused a reaction of confusion due to him having never before encountered this particular fruit. What proceeds is a funny reaction as the puppy tries to fathom the nature of the curious fruit. The mango, in this case, has caused an overly-dramatic reaction as the dog is unsure what to do in regards to it. Nonetheless, it has resulted in a cute video of an even cuter puppy in it.

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