New Puppy Surprise Shocks Puppy

AFV Published March 29, 2017 268,559 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsUsually when a family pulls off a puppy surprise, it's the kids who are the most surprised by the whole thing! But in this special case, not only are the kids taken for a huge surprise, but the so is the adorable little puppy! This whole family is in for the shock of their lives!

You can tell that these children had wanted a puppy for quite a long time, it's written on their faces when they see the cute little ball of fluff. How adorable is that little guy? Of course the puppy was startled by the screeching from the girls in the beginning, but you can be sure that the kids will be taking the best of care of this puppy.

Surprises are always an amazing moment, it's even better when it can be shared with the whole family. And now that little puppy is apart of the family, and the kids couldn't be happier!

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Check out this puppy surprise!


  • IrisY, 2 years ago

    Don't put a puppy in a new environment on a table & not expect it to jump off. Stupid parents.

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  • Purrmaid, 2 years ago

    Typical Americans........S C R E A M about anything and everything. Extremely annoying.

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    • JenniferLoni, 2 years ago

      Wow someone is full of hate. You definitely need a puppy.

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    • Baldilocks73, 2 years ago

      No. Typical teenage girl response you obvious moron. Obviously you have no experience with girls. Or freedom.

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