Huge Wave Slams Unmanned Surf Boat

Published July 25, 2018 28,389 Plays $36.07 earned

Rumble / Ocean LifeOn July 25, off the coast of Indonesia, onlookers cheered as a boat rode some crazy waves.Luckily, the boat was unmanned. The currents are strong, the waves are massive and heavy hitting the coast. The sea looks rough and frothy, like a swelling on the island. One boat is anchored in the water but because of the huge waves, it gets overturned by the water. The moment the boat capsized looks terrifying. The boat is completely crashed by an enormous wave.

Thankfully, there was nobody on the boat and no one was injured in the incident. The dramatic clip shows the small boat floating on incredibly choppy seas under a grey and threatening sky near Sumatra. As the boat moves forward and a colossal wave moves towards the shore, it becomes bigger and bigger as it rises high up above the boat that looks like a tiny toy under the force of the wave. The boat is is pushed upwards and the pointed front part of the boat faces the sky. All at once, the vessel is thrown backwards into the sea and it crashes down into the raging waters.

The waves are extremely powerful since they make the boat look like a piece of furniture disappearing from our view and completely submerging. This island is an internationally famous surfing destination. The boat had no chance with the violent crashing wave that pounded the shoreline. The waves are one of those that batter the sea-front houses and set their cars to rusting. They are as threatening as a watchdog on a short chain. The waves roll in, each of them as strong and bold as the last.

There is this footage of a rare phenomenon known as a tidal race. It is a natural occurrence where a fast-moving tide creating waves, eddies and some really hazardous currents as it passes through a constriction on the coast. This mesmerizing footage captures the moment a daredevil jet skier rides on these waves. The spellbinding sight, which reportedly only occurs a few times a year, is found just outside the mouth of King Sound in Western Australia, which is a large Gulf that opens up into the Indian Ocean. It produces standing waves up to 40 feet high and whirlpools up to 2500 feet across, cutting down 300 feet below the surface. A quiet day at the beach turns into a high-octane sports show when this daredevil decides to go on a quest to ride this natural phenomenon. Tidal race is a characteristic event whereby a quick moving tide goes through a choking, bringing about the arrangement of waves, swirls and unsafe streams. Adventurers tackling this phenomenon engage in an epic water race. Racing with the tides, how cool is that?

Footage shows jet-skier Kevin Pearce hurtling round the large Gulf of King Sound in Western Australia that opens up into the Indian Ocean, showcasing his skills in a friendly competition with the waters. Would you ever consider something like this? It looks breathtaking.