Fearless Jet Skier Rides On A Tidal Race

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Published: February 27, 2018

This mesmerizing footage captures the moment a daredevil jet skier rides a natural phenomenon in Australia known as a tidal race.

The spellbinding sight, which reportedly only occurs a few times a year, is found just outside the mouth of King Sound in Western Australia – a large Gulf that opens up into the Indian Ocean. It produces standing waves up to 40 feet high and whirlpools up to 2500 feet across, cutting down 300 feet below the surface.

This rare footage is believed to be the first time anyone has been filmed riding the waves.

Rider Tybias Smith, 26, and his crew sought knowledge from locals before heading out to sea for their awe-inspiring adventure. Reportedly, Australia only sees this phenomenon twice a year, each time mesmerizing with its power. Legend tells of several ships that have sunk in this location over the years.

This rare phenomenon is a natural occurrence where a fast-moving tide creating waves, eddies and some really hazardous currents as it passes through a constriction on the coast. Said constriction can be a passage with narrow sides or an underwater obstruction, such as a reef or a rising seabed.

In extreme cases, such as Skookumchuck Narrows in British Columbia, through which tides can travel at more than 17 knots, very large whirlpools develop, which can be extremely risky to navigate.


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