Cats Totally Freak Out After Meeting Playful Yorkie

Learning about the world from folk tales and cartoons, we have come to the conclusion that cats and dogs are the worst enemies, the wolf and the fox are sly and sneaky, the mouse is a devious creature with an excellent sense of humor, and that justice and goodness always win in the end. Folktales and cartoons, of course, are brimming with poetic justice but also rely on some clichés and prejudice that are overblown. The enmity of cats and dogs is one of the invented facts. Probably, many of you have heard the expression "they live like cats and dogs", which means constant quarrels and misunderstandings. Notice that in almost all fairy tales, cats are very cunning and even two-faced, and dogs are simple-minded and naive and this is why most, but luckily not all people, do not tend o put cats and dogs under the same roof.

You basically have three types of people: the incorrigible cat persons, the equally inveterate dog lovers and between these two groups of animal lovers, there are often disputes about which of the pets it is better to have, which of the two pets is kinder, smarter, more affectionate, etc. Such disputes can already be classified as eternal. And, in between, there is a smaller group of people that staunchly holds the position that all animals are simply amazing and that you can make a collection of everything that walks beneath the sky, right in your own home. Well, we are waving a proud flag of the third group of people and the makers of this video seem to be doing the same. Watch as a Yorkie pooch is introduced into a home of a well-established feline diarchy.

This Yorkie gets to meet a pair of kitties for the first time and is excited to make some new friends. The cats, however, have never seen a Yorkie before, and probably don't want to ever again! Look at that kitty fur rise to make kitty bigger, meaner and scarier! Who is this intruder in their home and why does he seem so friendly! The cats are out of their comfort zone and their wits, grouping and regrouping and simply do not know what to do! One of them even ventures, in large, energetic leaps, from the little coffee table, onto the sofa and right on the window blinds. But the Yorkie is a good boy and the only thing he is interested in is to meet with the new pals and play for a bit. D not worry, these guys will be the best of friends very soon, just give them a few days.

If you do not believe us, take a look of this video where dog and cat are truly the best friends. See?

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