Yorkie Gets Ready To Go Outside On The First Snow

Check out Lulu's reaction to the first snow. This footage was filmed in Bayport, NY, on January 23rd, 2005 just after a snow storm. It is hilarious how this dog is incapable of facing reality.

Owner dressed up Lulu for the cold weather conditions, so she is wearing her knitted blue sweater and she is overly excited to go outside for a stroll.

However, immediately after her owner opens the front door, Lulu is puzzled with all that whiteness coming from the front porch. She quickly sniffs the strange white powder (snow) and quickly rushes away inside the house.

She didn't even bother stepping on it, or trying it with her paws, face or even tongue. She instantly decided that it is time to go back inside the house. She disappeared into the room, and will need to take a rain check. Who knows, maybe Lulu will give 'snow' another try.

Owner explains "I recorded my dog as I let her out the morning after a snow storm, knowing how fussy she tends to be. She didn't seem to like it very much."

Lulu is not very curious for the snow after all. However, dogs have different reactions when it comes to snow. Some like it a little too much.

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