Young Baseball Players Put On Impressive Pre-Game Dance Show

Published July 16, 2018 3,308 Plays $5.21 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt's so nice to see young kids enjoying themselves playing sports, while moving to the groove dancing to the sound of music. Watching young kids dance, showing their entertaining and energetic side, always brightens up the day! Here is one great musical video of three and four year-olds dancing before their baseball game, moving their happy feet, dancing to the music. Cuteness overload!

In this adorable clip, filmed on July 12, 2018 in Deer Park, Texas, USA we see little toddlers, all dressed up in their cute baseball uniforms, dancing on the field before their baseball game. They are on the All Star team which is made up of thirteen kids from different teams to make one power team. This dream team made it to the World Series in Deer Park, and we are all so proud of these groovy baseball angels. Way to go!

Being into any kind of sport is good for both the body and the soul. Many parents try to get their kids into a sporting activity of any kind, which can ultimately help them develop properly as they progress with age. The younger, the better! Little kids are easily impressionable. Their minds are like sponges, soaking up everything they like from their own surroundings, which ultimately shapes their characters. When we get to see what they have learned in action, there are but two outcomes. Either we get slightly embarrassed, or, like in this case, feel extremely proud.

Baseball is definitely one of the favorite sports played in the USA, and everyone loves it, from a simple catch and throw in the backyard to the whole game at the public baseball fields. It's a great outdoor activity for an entire family. There is a very good reason why this sport is meant to be played outside and not indoors like in this video which shows a girl practicing her baseball swings in the living room and accidentally smashing a light fixture on the ceiling! She made a hell of a mess in just one move and even scared her dogs. The whole scene looks almost like there was an earthquake or some other natural disaster. It's one of the funniest indoor baseball accidents we've seen, but kids, please don't try this at home! Better go outside and swing the bat safely, ok?!

During the halftime show of the game, we see young baseball players moving their tiny bodies, dancing on the field, much to our amusement. These little guys are really feeling the beat and put their happy feet into action for the audience to enjoy. Their dance routine is guaranteed to make you smile! Not all of us can move our bodies to the beat as well as these young players do. Crowd’s cheers are well-deserved!

In another hilarious video, we see a cheeky toddler entertaining the audience by putting on a good show, during the halftime show of the Macedonia National Futsal game. Footage shows one little fan showing cheerleaders how to dance to Lil John's 'Turn Down For What'. How funny is that? Apparently this boy loves music and shows his bright spirit as he dances to it. Obviously, it is his true calling!

Watching this fun loving energetic kid dance has made our day! When a song come on during the halftime show, the little guy decides to go down the stairs and bust a move on the floor. He is not shy to show you his moves. As long as the song has a good beat, there is nothing that can stop this fellow from enjoying himself and moving to the rhythm! This talented boy isn’t ashamed to show a move or two in front of the big audience, and we just wish other people shared his passion as well. Way to go, buddy!

There are numerous ways to rejoice one’s victory. A four-year-old girl in Clarksville, Arkansas, marked her very first baseball game on April 9 by completing a cartwheel on her way to first base. Four-year-old Lyrik Kelsei Danielle Stepp celebrated her first time at bat by stumbling into a cartwheel before she made her way to first base.