This Kid Isn't Afraid To Bust Out Some Serious Dance Moves During A Timeout

Published July 8, 2015 333,605 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt's so nice to see young kids enjoying themselves with the love of music. Watching young kids dance, showing their entertaining and energetic side, always brightens up the day! Here is one great musical video of a boy moving his happy feet, dancing to the music.

During the halftime show of the Macedonia National Futsal game, one little fan shows how the cheerleaders should do the dance to Lil John's 'Turn Down For What'. How funny is that?

This little guy was really feeling the beat so he decided to put his happy feet into action and took the floor. He has got the dance moves are sure to make you smile! Not all of us can move our bodies to the beat as well as this young toddler.

Footage of this adorable toddler will definitely put a smile on your face as he shows you how to entertain the audience and put on a good show, much to everyone’s amusement. Apparently this boy loves music and shows his bright spirit as he dances to it. Obviously, it is his true calling!

Watching this fun loving energetic kid dance has made our day! When a song come on during the halftime show, the little guy decides to go down the stairs and bust a move on the floor. He is not shy to show you his moves. As long as the song has a good beat, there is nothing that can stop this fellow from enjoying himself and moving to the rhythm!

This talented boy isn’t ashamed to show a move or two in front of the big audience, and we just wish other people shared his passion as well.