German Shorthaired Pointers Obsessed With Basset Hound's Toy Ball

Published July 16, 2018 3,234 Plays $3.84 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEveryone knows that dogs tend to develop dominance over a toy. Give them a mutually liked toy and all hell might break loose. In this hilarious video, we see a Basset Hound lying on the couch with his favorite orange ball next to him. Opposite of them are three obsessed German Shorthaired Pointer pooches with a mad gaze, having their eyes fixated on the ball, not moving a muscle. Oh boy, this is going to be a tough one!

Judging by this setting, you can assume that all of these dogs love the orange ball as much as the Basset, who currently has gained dominance over their favorite toy. It's an adorable battle as these four-legged buddies duke it out for ownership of the tiny ball. Who will claim victory? These three ball-obsessed German Shorthaired Pointers take sibling rivalry to the next level, as Marzi the sassy Basset is outnumbered and has to give up the ball dominance. Wait until the end!

Although some fights for toys can get vicious, this hilarious clip has shown us a completely different perspective on toy dominance between several dogs in one household. Footage shows four dogs engaging in a harmless staring contest over their favorite toy, calculating their moves and hesitating whether to reach out and claim dominance over it. In the end, the German Shorthaired Pointer standing in the middle braved up to the sassy Basset and came out ahead as the victor for now. With those four in the same house, you can bet that this will be an ongoing series of battles over time for ball supremacy. Nothing like a little bit of sibling competition to strengthen a bond!

Who do you think will probably win the next one? Will the Basset come back seeking for vengeance, or will the other German Shorthaired Pointers hold the crown as champions in the next round? Nonetheless, these kind of sibling rivalry quarrels are guaranteed to get us our daily dose of adorableness!

Sibling rivalry can be a really serious thing sometimes. For instance, you can try to compete with your sibling over the things that are not worth it. And sometimes it can cause greater problems than good things. However sometimes can be fun too. In another hilarious video, we see impatient pooches fighting over a donut toy! Oh, no! Please cute dogs, don’t fight! We see one dog that took the donut first spinning the other dog around! Even when it’s funny like this we can't help it but wonder if they are in the fight and who won!

Talking about ‘sharing is caring’, take a look at these two reasonable siblings from which we can learn a lot about the art of teamwork. Grace and Cuba have developed a healthy habit of taking turns holding their favorite toy while the other munches on some delicious treats, instead of fighting over it. Teamwork makes dream work!

These two adorable dogs have a sound understanding of the concept of cooperation. They both wait patiently for their turn to come as the owner switches turns to feed them both. Every time it is the other’s turn to snack, the second dog waits patiently to be fed and their is no fuss about it.

Dogs can get possessive when it comes to their owners and favorite toys. They defend what’s theirs and don’t let anybody take that away from them. Anyone who interferes between them and their favourite toy gets the well-deserved punishment. Have you ever witnessed such rivalry before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!