Baby Girl And Labradoodle Fight Over A Stuffed Rabbit

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Published: December 15, 2017

Dogs can get possessive when it comes to their owners. They defend what’s theirs and don’t let anybody take that away from them. Anyone who interferes between them and their favourite toy gets the well-deserved punishment.

However, this video shows the other side of the meaning of being possessive. A miniature labradoodle fights with a baby girl over a stuffed rabbit. Probably this rabbit smells very good, so they both can’t resist having the stuffed animal in their mouths.

The little girl notices the brown labradoodle playing with a stuffed animal. It's obviously similar to the ones she has, so she goes to her furry friend to take back her favourite toy. That’s where the problem starts.

"Give that back to me! It’s mine! This rabbit is mine" thinks the young lady, but the dog doesn’t seem to understand her. She doesn’t speak his doggy language, so he doesn’t want to bother himself at all about what she is trying to tell him.

Then the cutest fight you have ever seen takes place. The living rooms floor is their arena. Let’s see how will this "ultimate" fight finishes…

The round-shaped toddler gets her hands on the rabbit, but somehow the smart labradoodle manages to take it away from her.

The desperate tries of these cute little "fighters" to get their hands and paws on the toy are so adorable, it doesn’t even matter to you who will win at the end.

Watch these two, you might learn some new fighting technique from them!

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