Dog Tries To Bite Water

Published July 12, 2018 882 Views $0.63 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWearing black in the summer is hard. Black soaks up so much heat, we humans know better and avoid it at all costs. But what if you can’t shed the black off your body?

When it comes to cooling off in the scorching summer heat, man has plenty of choices: either blasting up the air conditioner, downing a cold brew or an ice cream, even just dunking into a pool can make a world of a difference. Our pets, on the other hand, don’t have so many choices. They can either hyperventilate to cool down or lie belly side on the cold floor. Unless we provide them with a way to reduce their body temperature, this is all they’ve got.

That is why most dog owners who live in populated areas make sure their dogs have a way of cooling off properly. They either put up a vessel of some sort and fill it with cold water, or they turn on the hose and spray the dog with it. Summertime has never been more fun!

While some dogs like to just chill out and let the water do its thing, others think it more fun to wrestle with the stream. This Pitbull, for example, likes to try and bite the pressurized spray of water from his owner’s hose. What a silly pup! The poor thing does not seem to get that this isn’t something you can bite off and chew. Still, the energetic pet has its mind set on grabbing that stream with his canines something with it. Who knows what.

It does look like a fun little summer activity. Maybe we should try it next time we feel too hot for comfort. Turn on the hose, let ‘er rip and try and bite down on the water. Cooling and refreshing.

Another big black dog tried to cool off a bit in the backyard pool. The only difference here is Baxter found it much more pleasing to just sneak into it while his owner wasn’t looking. When he got caught, his reaction is comedy gold!

The big pooch splashes around, having the time of his life, roaming around in the water. As he makes one lap around, he notices Jerry filming him, not knowing that he has kept a close eye on the pet this whole time. Like the drama queen that he apparently is, Baxter slowly wades to the edge of the pool and begins to get out of the water. He does not break eye contact once. Mind you, Jerry has not called for his dog, now did he utter a single word to him. In fact, Jerry has not even left the house; he is still inside, camera rolling and capture this priceless moment.

Before Baxter exits the scene, he barks, as if to call out on his owner for voyeuring on his summertime fun. He starts with a whisper, like he is building up the tensions, then slowly starts getting louder and louder, hiding behind the corner of the house. Jerry does nothing, other than keep his camera still and giggle silently at his dog’s attempt to clear out the situation.