Dog Looks Guilty After Being Caught In Swimming Pool

Storyful Published June 18, 2018 77,514 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPeople’s opinions are divided when it comes to their feeling about summer. Some say they hate it, with the humidity in the air and the invasion of all sorts of bugs and those pesky mosquitoes and the heat...ugh! Others say they just can’t wait for it to come and they want it to never end!

Now that summer is actually here, we, the working force of the world, look forward to the long, warm afternoons by the pool, whether it be inground or inflatable ones. It really doesn’t matter, so as long as it is always full and ready to accept our aching, overheated bodies into its embrace.

Part of said working force are our canine pets. When they are not entertaining the kids, guarding our homes or raiding the trash in the kitchen, they, too, would probably like to take a dip into a body of water. Especially if said body of water is right in the backyard. And especially if said canine companion is a big black Schnauzer.

When Jerry Gordon glanced out of the window on his Jenks, Oklahoma home, we imagine he did not expect to see his canine companion Baxter splish and splash in the inflatable pool. He saw the pooch casually slide into the water, not spill a single drop outside (whether it was because the dog was very careful, or he is just tall enough to hop right in, we cannot know).

Now, according to Jerry, his big black Schnauzer “is so full of life he is constantly entertaining us.” This footage is proof of just how entertaining Baxter can get, especially when he gets caught in action.

The big pooch splashes around, having the time of his life, roaming around in the water. As he makes one lap around, he notices Jerry filming him, not knowing that he has kept a close eye on the pet this whole time. Like the drama queen that he apparently is, Baxter slowly wades to the edge of the pool and begins to get out of the water. He does not break eye contact once. Mind you, Jerry has not called for his dog, now did he utter a single word to him. In fact, Jerry has not even left the house; he is still inside, camera rolling and capture this priceless moment.

Before Baxter exits the scene, he barks, as if to call out on his owner for voyeuring on his summertime fun. He starts with a whisper, like he is building up the tensions, then slowly starts getting louder and louder, hiding behind the corner of the house. Jerry does nothing, other than keep his camera still and giggle silently at his dog’s attempt to clear out the situation.

"Oops! I got caught," Jerry wrote on Facebook when he shared this video and over 97,000 people had some good belly laughs over Baxter’s slyness. Who can blame him though? With temperatures reaching up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit on average during the sixth month on the year, even a big, black dog like Baxter needs to cool off sometimes. And who are you to rain on his parade?

Credit: Jerry R. Gordon via Storyful