Best Man Falls While Doing A Photo Shoot With The Groom

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Rumble / Epic FailsWeddings are always remarkable! Usually, it’s because of a really heartwarming speech, someone pulling off an epic surprise dance routine, or a groom breaking down crying when he sees his new wife walk down the aisle. But this time, it’s because the best man almost cracks his head open while taking a picture with the groom and the rest of the friends!

So you're the best man. It's an entirely positive sentiment when one of your companions or relatives esteems you their right-hand fellow. Yet, hiding past the fun and innocuous stuff—unhitched male gatherings like bachelors parties and hitting the dance floor with the maid of honor, the best man has to do a lot of things when it comes to the big day!

Wedding photographs should catch a bride and groom's ideal day; a Kodak minute that by and large happens just once in your life and those are the photographs that we by and large observe being shared once the day is finished.

Be that as it may, minor wedding day incidents are unavoidable for each lady of the hour and prepare and happen to the best of us. But, this time it wasn’t the groom or the bride that had a bad moment at their bid day, it was the best man who has a moment that is caught on camera and will be remembered for sure!

One of those responsibilities is the photo shoots at the epic and amazing photos the groom has to have with his friends! So, this best man did not quite make the perfect picture! As the best man, this guy was so excited for the Groom that he jumped for joy and almost cracked his head open like Humpty Dumpty! On a side note, he had broken his wrist about a year earlier, so his fall scared the Groom to death!

They decided to jump from a big fountain and the photographer to take a picture of them while they are in the air! You know classic wedding photo that represents fun and friendship! However, while landing on the ground the best man somehow managed to slip on the edge of the ground on fell right on his head! That probably hurts a lot!

But, not all groomsmen fail to do their role as a best man! Some of the best wedding stories involve the best man! Just take a look at this amazing best men gives sublime wedding speech with his guitar!

Benny here was the best man Sinead and Ronan's wedding day. As his duties as a best man go, he had to hold a speech and this is the performance that had the crowd in a standing ovation!

Armed with his acoustic guitar, Benny takes the stage with a quirky remark, saying how he distracts the guests from throwing things at him for his singing. “Except for money. Or underwear,” he adds, setting the tone for what is about to unfold. We have not a shred of doubt that Benny did his homework alright, prepping for this speech of his. Once you have a listen to the catchy chorus, you won’t be able to get it out of your head. We know we won’t! So amazing!


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    Until the landing, the pictures should look pretty cool. I hope he's ok.

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      Thank God, I survived!

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