Best Man Gives Sublime Wedding Speech With His Guitar

Published April 16, 2018 133 Plays $0.24 earned

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsSpeeches are always a key component in a wedding event. Usually the best man and the maid of honor have the “task” of entertaining the guests with a quick, sometimes witty speech, but they are always brimming with love and respect for the newlyweds. Still, we have to give special recognition to those keepers of said roles that will go out of their merry way to present a speech so unique, no one will be able to forget!

Benny here was the best man Sinead and Ronan's wedding day. As best man duties go, he had to hold a speech and this is the performance that had the crowd in a standing ovation!

Armed with his acoustic guitar, Benny takes the stage with a quirky remark, saying how he distracts the guests from throwing things at him for his singing. “Except for money. Or underwear,” he adds, setting the tone for what is about to unfold.

If there is anything that can be taken from Benny’s speech-song, him and his best mate have gotten themselves into quite a bit of sticky situation sin the past. He even mentions how they were bribed by their neighbour to stop playing their music at half past six, but points out that “whiskey and students is a dangerous mix!”

The comical song starts with: “Welcome brothers and sisters and cousins and friends. Welcome to this most beautiful day. Welcome to the uncle that wasn’t invited but decided to come anyway! You know who you are!”

We have not a shred of doubt that Benny did his homework alright, prepping for this speech of his. Once you have a listen to the catchy chorus, you won’t be able to get it out of your head. We know we won’t!