Charming Sea Lion Tries To Steal Kisses From Partner

Published July 1, 2018 4,670 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen we talk about the intellectual capacities of real pinnipeds, then the first place, of course, is occupied by sea lions. They have an enviable memory, are able to understand human commands and are perfectly trained.

This is the only kind of pinnipeds that successfully performs in the circus. Probably, many of you have seen how the sea lions briskly run up the stairs, take acrobatic poses, blow the trumpet and, of course, with amazing dexterity catch the tip of the nose thrown balls. True, keeping a sea lion in captivity is rather expensive - it requires 8 to 12 kg of fish every day, and certainly fresh.

However, sea lions were trained not only for the entertainment of the most respected public. Even during the First World War, these talented pinnipeds tried to use for military purposes. With such a portfolio behind them, sea lions should not surprise or even amaze us with the stunts and the behavior they are capable to perform and show. And, despite all being said, they still do. Thousands of admirers gather at sea world facilities to admire and cheer these intelligent sea mammals. Here they can see sea lions performing a variety of tricks. Their level of intelligence makes sea lions easy to train and generally get along very well with humans that are working with them. The video at the top of the page shows a touching moment between two members of this species living and thriving in captivity. Watch.

The now 17-year-old Patagonian sea lion male arrived from the French Riviera in April 2015 to live in the Dudley Zoo in the West Midlands, England. He seemed to have had a disagreement with his female partner because he was getting the cold shoulder all morning. However, with a little charm, he is able to win her over in this adorable clip. And mind you, this is not only made for the audience’s applause because sea lions are very particular animals if they do not want something, then in no way will they be forced to do it. This is a genuine sign of affection coming from the heart. Adorable!

Adapted to life in water, Patagonian sea lions belong to a family of mammals that have mastered the ocean, without losing the ability to confidently move overland. They have a hydrodynamic body shape, limbs that have turned into fins, a thick layer of that fat helps them maintain their temperature, and an unrivaled sense of balance that allows them to perform miracles of juggling.

This is a very sociable and not even the least shy animal. They can spend long periods of time in the sea, but in the mating season and the time of the birth of the pups, they return to the land. At this time they form large colonies, the males participate in battles for the territory, the winner of which receives under his protectorate all the females who are in the conquered area, whom he furiously protects.

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