Surprisingly Friendly Shark Enjoys Swimming With Sea Lions

6 years ago

Any creature unlucky enough to find itself in the gob of a great white is in for a nasty shock. Because this marine beast’s mouth is equipped with a set of 300 sharp, triangular teeth arranged in up to seven rows. However, a 16' Great White shark named "Bite Face" encounters a sea lion at Guadalupe Island. Despite her fierce reputation as a mindless killer, this shark doesn't seem interested in attacking the sea lion. Whilst this super swimmer is the largest predatory fish on our planet, she is not in a mood for killing this time.

We know that these sea creatures count on the element of surprise as they hunt, and whenever they see a seal at the surface of the water, sharks will often position themselves underneath the seal. However, the shark in this video is unlike that. She only swims freely in circles and enjoys the feeling of floating in the ocean. It lookes like she is not into any predatory games today, so she just moves slowly in the water.

Whenever this great white smells a possible victim, she uses her tail as a propeller, swims upward at a fast sprint, bursts out of the water in a leap called a breach, and falls back into the water with the seal in her mouth. Nevertheless, this friendly shark doesn’t do anything of this. And thanks to her, maybe this is the first time we see a shark not taking interest in her prey.

Don’t worry falks - while many think of these beasts as fearsome man-eaters, humans aren’t, in fact, on the great white’s menu. Phew! There are around 5-10 attacks a year and rather than preying on humans to eat them, the sharks are instead taking a ‘sample bite’ out of curiosity, before swimming off.

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