11-Month-Old Girl Climbs On Baby Gate With Ease

Published June 27, 2018 3,045 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsYou should closely watch your baby after they start crawling and walking. This 11-month-old baby girl climbed over the gate to follow her mom going upstairs. This video was after scene.

We see the adorable tot scaling the obstacle before her, trying to figure out which angle to approach. The mesh which the gate of built of has holes big enough for the baby girl to fit each of her tiny feet in. At first, it seems she might give up and whimper, hoping that mom will climb down first, but that is not what happens.

Instead, the kid reaches upwards with her tiny arms and grabs a firm hold of the rim of the game, then proceeds to climb up, one foot in front of the other. She reaches about half way up, just enough for her to lean over with the top section of her torso. For a moment there we kind of feared she might lose balance and topple over. Dad seems to have the same fear, reaching towards the baby to catch her if need be, but again, that does not happen. Phew!

Instead, she kind of gives up on climbing to the other side of the fence and instead gets back down, plopping on the floor with her butt. Did our little heroine give up on her endeavor? No, sirree! Sure, she expresses her displeasure with this dang obstacle and her mom being away on the top floor, but nothing too serious.

Instead, this brave little tot gives scaling the gate another try. We gotta give it to her for being so persistent. We really hope this quality will stick with her further in life. You go girl!

Watching a feat like this one really makes a person think. Have these kids seen any of the Mission: Impossible movies? Because the feats they take on sure look like something Ethan Hunt would have done in order to keep the plot of the movie running.

Take this little guy for example. The kid is locked behind a baby gate and not only does he escape but he manages to get his favorite chair over the gate too. Of course, the escape itself is impressive but we are even more impressed with the fact that he escaped with EASE. Future Tom Cruise? We sure think so.

When you are just a kid, you don't see obstacles but opportunities to have fun! If someone, for example, puts the baby gate that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to stay behind it when you can climb it! That is exactly what this baby girl in this video is doing! But her mom is also there in the room, and she tries to reason her baby girl not to do it. Instead of listening to her mom, this baby girl opens the whole argument about it, but she can hardly speak at all! She just mumbles and overtalks her mother! Isn't she just hilarious?! Just look all her facial expressions while she is trying to convince her mom that this gate is there for her to climb it and not to stop her! Well, it seems that she is one hell of a disputant, or at least will be as soon as she really starts to talk!