"A Baby Girl Argues with Her Mother About Climbing Over A Baby Gate"

AFVVirals Published March 16, 2018 354 Plays

Rumble "When you are just a kid, you don't see obstacles but opportunities to have fun! If someone, for example, puts the baby gate that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to stay behind it when you can climb it! LOL! And that is exactly what this baby girl in this video is doing! But her mom is also there in the room, and she tries to reason her baby girl not to do it. Instead of listening to her mom, this baby girl opens the whole argument about it, but she can hardly speak at all! She just mumbles and overtalks her mother! LOL! Isn't she just hilarious?! Just look all her facial expressions while she is trying to convince her mom that this gate is there for her to climb it and not to stop her! Well, it seems that she is one hell of a disputant, or at least will be as soon as she really starts to talk!"