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Group Of Friends Feast On Chocolate Dessert Out Of A Toilet Bowl

A weird video has emerged of a modern toilet restaurant in Holon, Israel, that serves its food and drink in mini toilets, urinals and bidets. This restaurant doesn’t care if it is panned by the critics as customers eat and drink out of toilets. From serving sloppy looking sauces, to poo-shaped chocolate, this restaurant is the definition of grim!

Footage, filmed on June 20, 2018 in Holon, Israel, shows the unexpected moment a waiter serves a group of friends with a chocolate mousse dessert, served out of a real toilet seat. Apparently, this is a dessert dish served in an American diner in Israel in a place called GORDOS. The dessert is a chocolate mousse with pineapple confiture, served out of a toilet bowl.

Not everybody can stomach it, but people seem more and more obsessed with this unique trend. What was once believed to be the place where germs and diseases are spread, now serves as a modern plate to attract more customers, given its uniqueness. It seems like people become more and more intrigued to try all the unusual specialities of a restaurant, going to that extent of eating a dessert out of a toilet bowl. It is incredible how stupidity can reach so many levels. Unbelievable!

Would you ever eat your meal out of a toilet seat. Moreover, would you ever stomach to try a poo-shaped chocolate out of a real toilet bowl at a restaurant! Ever dreamed of drinking from a urinal or sipping a hot chocolate from a toilet shaped mug? You can do this and more at the quirky modern toilet restaurant in Israel.

The menu here is anything but subtle - with some seriously questionable items to choose from. All food is toilet themed and comes out shaped like scarily real turns, be it the bread, the ice-cream or the meatballs with a very disturbing yellow sauce for extra measure! Would you eat here?

The notion itself, eating out of a toilet bowl, gives us a gagging sensation. The way of serving means that you may get sick from it, judging by the fact that you need to dig deep into the toilet seat in front of you just to take a scoop of the oh-so-delicious chocolate mousse in a shape of diarrhea poo. This group of friends, constantly like to try new things and experiment with their food, but imagine the surprise look on their face, when they saw the waiter holding a real toilet bowl with their chocolate dessert inside of it! Can you believe this place?!

Talking about unusual ways of restaurants serve their food, take a look at this unique place where the food is so fresh that it moves on the plate! Sushi is normally prepared with raw fish, like tuna and salmon. The preparation means that you may never be sick from it, but it still made fresh almost right in front of you. However, one lover of the raw food was in for quite a surprise, when he saw his dish so fresh, it moved on the plate!

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Credit: Afik Razgour

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