Restaurant In Japan Serves You Food That It Still Moving

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Published: February 16, 2018

Not everybody can stomach it, but people seem more and more obsessed with sushi. What was once a means to preserve raw fish for consumption, by storing it in fermented rice for months at a time, now is prepared in vinegared rice with the addition of fresh veggies for a decadent presentation.

Sushi is normally prepared with raw fish, like tuna and salmon. The preparation means that you may never be sick from it, but it still made fresh almost right in front of you. However, one lover of the raw food was in for quite a surprise, when he saw his dish so fresh, it moved on the plate!

The diner, who was identified solely as ‘shoumizo3446’, shot this clip of his clam sushi wiggling on the rice it was served with. Social media ate the video like the delicacy that it was, taking it to super-viraldom instantly.

The footage was shot in a branch of the popular Sushiro sushi restaurant chain in the city of Kishiwada in Southern Japan’s Osaka Prefecture. The diner said that he ordered “iki hokkigai”, with “hokkigai” meaning surf clam in Japanese and "iki" meaning the dish is prepared on the premises from seafood delivered alive to the restaurant.

The bizarre incident became an instant hot topic on forums, with viewers divided on the subject. While some say the diner could rest easy, knowing that the meal was indeed fresh, others claim that the dish was not properly prepared by the chef.

‘Shoumizo3446’ has not complained about his food, in fact he said it was very exciting and delicious. The restaurant has made no comment either.

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    burger414 · 17 weeks ago

    That's creepy!

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      barsoomherald · 17 weeks ago

      You got to eat what's in the menu :)

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        burger414 · 17 weeks ago

        Nah, I'll stick to dead food if you don't mind.