Dog extremely jealous of new baby

KellyKoppPublished: April 19, 2017Updated: April 20, 2017310,334 viewsVirality: 1%
Published: April 19, 2017Updated: April 20, 2017

Sadie is super jealous of new baby Jaxx! She is NOT ready to share her mommy!

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    warriorbride · 13 weeks ago

    too cute !! lol SHE SHOULD LET Sadie come to her and pet her while stil talking to the baby, when she separates herself then he starts to bark, so if she wants him to stop then she needs to give him attention while talking to the baby ha

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    CarolS · 2 weeks ago

    This is actually a very dangerous situation. Instead of punishing the dog by giving it a timeout, she should be cuddling and petting the dog. Telling it she loves it the way she does is not something the dog understands. Just like a small child with a new sibling, this dog needs physical and loving reassurance. The dog is exhibiting anger and aggressive behavior. There is a strong chance this dog will attack the baby when the mother is not looking. She needs to consult with a dog expert or do online research for info by an expert immediately. I feel sorry for the animal because the woman's behavior is making the situation worse.