Needy French Bulldog Would Cry For His Owner's Attention

Published June 25, 2018 2,891 Plays $4.01 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPeople say that, over time, dogs start to resemble their owners, both in looks and in behavior. Whether it’s the animals that start imitating their humans or the humans start to identify themselves with their dogs, it doesn’t matter, there are hundreds of photos and videos online where dogs look and behave almost exactly like the dog owners!

All of us, people and dogs are social animals, and it is not a crime to seek the need of that pleasant stream of emotions that overflows us when someone pays attention to our being. In reasonable limits, of course. If the dog, when you are talking to someone or are busy going your business, approaches and buries your nose in your lap, asking for your attention, there is nothing terrible in caressing the animal. Or if it comes up and puts your paw on your lap, waiting for that precious caress. Or, say, if the dog barks, trying to get your attention to something or to remind about something (for example, that it's time to walk), like the hero in the video at the top of the page. All these are options where the dog's need in your attention does not go beyond reasonable limits. However, often this need takes a completely hypertrophied form. And the dog no longer asks, she begins to demand.

Some dogs can get pretty creative when they feel like they do not get enough attention from their owners. They always seem to find new ways of fooling them around the house. There have been lots of videos that show dogs jumping around their homes, dragging carpets or maybe even your shoes, barking and howling. But what you are about to see is a rare phenomenon… at least till now. In this adorable clip, we see a bored French Bulldog who literally cries out for his owner to pay attention to him. So needy! He throws a small vocal temper tantrum for your pleasure and of course to catch owner’s attention. Hilarious!

Frank the needy pooch is very displeased that his owner isn't giving him enough attention. The owner is busy in front of the laptop screen immersed in work and must have petted the cutie several times before the video was taken. Frank just wants more! Look at him compose and flawlessly execute an entire operetta and make himself noticeable in the ears of his owner. It is adorable to see him throw the cutest temper tantrum stumping its short stubby legs and waking the busy owner as if from a trance. If that was not enough, Frank attempts the puppy look maneuver but to no avail! The owner is resilient to stay completely nonchalant maintaining a poker face while filming Frank’s behavior for the whole world to see! Have you ever seen a needier dog?

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