Busy Pooch Doesn't Have All Day To Wait For Owner's Return

7 years ago

Don’t you just hate it when others don’t respect your own hard-earned time? We all have that one friend that is always so chronically late, you think to yourself - why didn’t you tell them to come half an hour sooner? Maybe then they will be right on time!

But in one small town in Russia, it was a person’s dog that was sick and tired of its human’s tardiness. So the pooch did the one thing it knew, while locked inside the car. It stepped on the car’s horn and howled until it could no more!

Laughing bystanders filmed the dog’s howling antics when they spotted him in a car park in Bryansk, east Russia. The pooch was spotted sitting alone in the driver's seat, pressing the horn down like there is no tomorrow and howling plaintively, while looking around itself.

The intelligent hound had the brightest idea to hold down the horn in the hopes of attracting his master. But when our cameraman approached the driver’s seat, you can hear that it is not just the horn that is blaring. The blasted Beagle dog joins the horn's blast with his enthusiastic howl, his snout turned upwards as the onlooker's chuckle.

“Come on, comrade, I ain’t got all day!”

From what we could gather, the dog has been sitting in that car alone for who knows how long, with only a sliver of air to pass through. It might have been hot and uncomfortable. We don’t get to see if the dog’s owner returns.

The Beagle is active, loving and a great companion. But also they can be stubborn and not so patient as you can see they don’t like waiting, especially if they are stuck in the car with lousy songs on the radio.

The fact that Beagles were first bred to be hunting dogs, so even though most people who own a Beagle, keep them indoors or in an apartment, the truth is that Beagles love to be outdoors and explore the nature.

Also, they get bored easy, so if they are bored, they start to bay and howl and dig holes. They love to get daily exercises and some fun times spent with them, or they will begin to howling, and they won’t stop until you please them, as you can see in the video, he is bored, so he won’t stop screaming and honking until his owner returns and takes him to the park.

There are some fun ways how to keep your dog entertained. So some find games you can play with your dog and meanwhile spend some time together, is to play finding the treats with your dog and it’s one of the easiest ways to tire out your dog.

Another way to entertain your dog is to play tug-of-war with them; it’s great physical and fun exercise for you and your dog too. And of course, teaching your dog a new trick is always a fantastic way to spend time together with your pooch.

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