Curious Cows And Calves Gather To Watch And Follow Drone

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Published: June 21, 2018Updated: June 22, 2018

At first glance, it seems that cows wonder through pastures living a seemingly carefree life. However, they have complex thoughts and display a multitude of emotions. Moreover, cows characterize with distinguished traits such as being dominant, annoying,curious, mischievous, loving, friendly, and adventurous. Who would have thought that beneath that calm exterior there is a boiling mass of emotions? What is more, some researchers suggest that cows have “best friends” and get stressed when separated. To anyone who works, or has worked, with cows, it comes as no surprise that cows are capable of friendships.

There is a beautiful farm near Millbrook, Ontario, Canada with a wide expanse of land that is made up by lush, green pastures and meadows full of grass, clover, and wildflowers. This farm is home to a herd of very happy cows who spend their time grazing and relaxing in the sunshine. Many of the mothers have recently given birth to new spring calves and they enjoy the fresh summer air, occasionally wading into the ponds to cool off, or to cover themselves in mud. The calves run and play together, taking frequent breaks to nurse on their mother’s milk. The cows are well taken care of here and they are treated very well. This is a farm that runs much as things used to, when the cattle led a more natural life.

A drone was sent up in the air over this farm on a warm, summer day. The intent was to capture footage of the green countryside and beautiful property, as well as the herd of cows enjoying the nice weather. The cows have never seen a drone before, so it was a mystery how they would react. Several high altitude flyovers got no reaction from the cows. The drone was slowly brought closer and lower until it became obvious that the cows were not bothered by the drone, or the noise. Surprisingly, the cows were curious about the mysterious flying object. They walked closer to inspect it, mooed curiously and then slowly gathered in a circle to stare up at it. The drone was slowly backed away and the cows did something even more surprising. They followed it and tried to get a close look.

Some cows show annoying and even aggressive antics when it is milking or feeding time. Dominant cows always push their way to the front of the queue, bully and intimidate more sensitive souls, and dictate when and where the group will move around their pasture. In contrast to this, there are gentle cows that will appreciate a scratch behind the ear and are both curious and terrified of any new thing. And there are those cows, too that jump for joy when they see grass for the first time. As they are set free in this video, in a pasture in Netherlands, they instantly jump in the grass, overjoyed with excitement. Apparently, they are ecstatic because of the change of seasons with spring being at the doorstep. What is the best season for celebrating life if not spring?

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