Happy Cows Relax In Luscious Early Spring Grass

ThokozaniPublished: May 20, 2015Updated: March 27, 2018109,924 views
Published: May 20, 2015Updated: March 27, 2018

Winter time is a harsh time for most animals. The icy weather makes it hard for them to maintain a constant body temperature and the frost on the ground covers all available food with a white blanket, making it hard for animals to see or even smell their snacks. Cold blooded animals have no problem with their thermoregulation, but most of the mammals still have to go through a lengthy and tiring process of maintaining their core temperature on a certain average. Add this to the constant search for food, and the result can be devastating to many of them. Winter conditions can be harsh on even the most resilient of animals. The cold temperatures can make our bodies shut down and we wouldn’t stand a chance against it. Some animals have a thick layer of fur to protect them, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. The cold, together with the icy pellets of snow has been a deadly combination for many animals, including humans. Just think of the dinosaurs and how their whole race went extinct when the Ice Age came.

Winter is more than just a season. It’s that time of the year when the cold and the snow make us want to cocoon in our secret hideaway, curl in a ball all the while drinking our favorite cup of tea. So why would this be any different for our domesticated friends? Why would we think that they have a fancy for the wintry months?

You know what they say, after the rain comes the rainbow, so after the dead, cold winter comes an abundant and beautiful spring. That means the daffodils will be blooming, blossoms will decorate the tops of the trees, Easter will paint our lives in pastel colors and lambing season will be getting underway.

This video shows us a herd of cows in the Netherlands being set free in the pastures after a cold winter spent indoors. The relief and joy are evident in the faces of the cows and by their jumps in the luscious green grass!

What do you think? How do animals know what season it is? They don’t have calendars or school holidays, they don’t keep a track record of the changing of day and night while they are stuck in their barns among piles of snow, so they have to find something in their environment that will tell them the time of year. This is called an environmental cue. This cows spent their winter indoors in warm barns, so when they were released outside they knew spring was here!

This is the moment these cows are let outside again having spent the winter in a barn. They are kept indoors for warmth and food as the grass in the fields stops growing over the winter months! Such a joyful moment for them! If you enjoyed this video, here are some more cows that jump for joy after seeing grass for the first time in months!

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