Parents Break Pregnancy News To Big Brother

Published June 18, 2018 1,782 Views

Rumble Announcing the arrival of a new baby to the family can be nerve wracking for the parents. We have seen many videos of couples throwing parties to announce their pregnancy to unsuspecting friends and relatives, breaking the news that they are expecting a baby, the surprises range from really cheesy to utterly adorable!

One of the most important and special moments in life is when a pregnancy occurs. It's such a wonderful period, knowing you've been blessed with a child. And lately, people have started announcing their pregnancies in some hilarious and entertaining ways.

Once this couple found out about their second pregnancy they wanted to break the news to their son. Expecting parents came up with a neat way of breaking the news by putting the announcement in writing and asking their boy to read it outloud for them.

Sometimes parents can go behind our back and do something that will completely change our lives. Like deciding you need a sibling. Why can’t they ask us first? LOL just kidding. However it may be a surprise to hear you’re going to be a big brother or sister, but it’s ALWAYS a good surprise.

Look at this video for instance. A man and woman give their suspicious son a piece of paper. He reads "I am going to be a big brother" several times before he realizes his mom is going to have a baby and he starts crying. This is amazing, I played it for several times on repeat. LOL!
You can pick your friends, but never your family and that is what’s great about siblings, they are our best friends for life. We may fight and pick quarrels with them, but in the end of the day we make up because we love each other unconditionally.

So when the time comes for our siblings to move away for school, they leave behind a void that no one can fulfill. We feel their absence every day and that makes us sad. That is probably why there are so many homecoming surprise videos out there, because there is no greater surprise than to see that they have come home sooner than expected and filled our heart with joy!

This little boy is about to get a big surprise when parents break the news for their new baby. His reaction to the pregnancy announcement is simply adorable. Watch as the unsuspecting boy is summoned by his mother to come in the living room and try to read a note that delivers the big news. What an emotional moment!

At first, this loving boy struggles with the longer words such as “going” and “brother”, but the moment he grasps the sense of it, he becomes ecstatic and cannot contain his excitement. He tries to hold back his tears of joy and gives his parents a hug, for giving him the best gift an only child could ask for-having a sibling to play with! What a wonderful moment!

One high pitched scream and loads of tears later means that the surprise was a total success and everyone is overjoyed with excitement! A hug can fix anything! This video is guaranteed to brighten up your day! How can you not smile at something as precious as this? So cute!

It is adorable how the boy reacts the moment he realized what the note means, he simply cannot contain his excitement. Watch as he is overwhelmed by emotion and bursts into tears of joy! What a nice way to announce a pregnancy!