Kids Open Surprise Egg To Find Out They Are Getting A Sibling

Published December 12, 2017 3,898 Views

A heartwarming footage has emerged of the sweetest, most unexpected pregnancy announcement ever. Footage shows three siblings getting a real Kinder surprise after opening their chocolate eggs only to find out that they will have a fourth sibling.

Proud parents David Ciambella, 43, and Jessica Palmer, 38, decided to have a baby together after getting married in July. After finding out about the new addition to the family, they decided to give their children a nice surprise.

There are many videos of parents announcing to their kids that they are having another baby. It is even more exciting when they share this unexpected news via creative pregnancy reveal.

Creative parents, David and Jessica, came up with a very unique way to announce their pregnancy to their three children. They were hoping for a fun pregnancy reveal party so they used a candy egg to announce the big surprise to their unexpecting children.

Watch the entire prank-surprise on camera as children dig deep into their chocolate eggs and are astonished by the announcement hiding inside the yellow toy. Elia, Jonah, and Rebbeka each received a Kinder egg to unwrap.

Footage shows the three kids lined up right next to each other, kneeling down at the coffee table, unwrapping their candy eggs. Rebbeka started the countdown for her brothers and counted to three, after which they raced to get to the inside of the candy as fast as they could!

It is adorable to watch the unsuspecting children stuffing their mouths with the chocolate not knowing that a surprise is lurking around the corner. Moments later, one of the boys got to the surprise first and read the message out loud, "We are having a baby!". He got overly-excited and ran around the room yelling, "Mom is having a baby!". This sweet little boy is crying of joy and seems to be most excited of all his siblings for getting a new baby sibling!

Later, when the other siblings realized that it is not a joke, but a very pleasant surprise, they could not stop smiling about it. Watch as they are overwhelmed by emotion and burst into tears of joy! What a nice way to announce a pregnancy! Good joy David and Jessica!

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