Toddler Shows Off His Drumming Skills

Published June 1, 2018 51,870 Views $12.94 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleGet ready to feel like you have no talent and you’ve accomplished nothing in your life, because this kid is just two years old and he’s already an insane drummer. Most two-year-olds are still learning how to piece together full sentences and fine-tuning their ability to drink from a sippy cup. That’s why this toddler drummer prodigy is officially blowing our minds. Lennox Noble, labelled as a drumming prodigy, plays the drum part while on vacation with his family. This two-year-old boy has a talent like no other. This child prodigy can already play the drums better than a lot of adults I've seen. And the best part is that he uses his talent to worship God. Just watch as he drums along to the Christian song 'I Can' from Speak Life. He fits in perfectly with this worship band and we can't believe how well he keeps time with their music.

Lennox showcased his massive talent in a video that’s quickly racking up views. Drumming along to a popular gospel song called “I Can” by Speak Life, he proves he’s unbelievably gifted. Really - this kid is will blow you away. Plus, Lennox already has the internet covered. He (slash, we’re guessing his parents) created a YouTube account called “Life of Lennox” and also has a ton of fans over on Instagram. And though his YouTube account has been up for less than a week, his initial Speak Life video has already been viewed over a thousand times. And through her Instagram, his mom, Shintara Nicole, has been making sure to keep his biggest fans up to date.

Aside from Lennox keeping the beat, his mom’s voice is gorgeous. They will make such a great family band! He can certainly hold a rhythm and beat. With children at this age, what initially starts as fun and games, may turn into an incredible talent as is the case with Lennox. Mostly, parents discover their children’s rare talents when they play games.

We just love how everyone is laughing and cheering him on. And then when he gets to the big finale there's a collective shout of excitement. He really gave it his all for this performance and it's all worship for the Lord. There's no doubt that he's a cutie. We expect amazing things from Lennox in the years to come (like, giant, epic things). And if your band is currently looking for a drummer, you might want to give this little guy a call. What do you think of this future worship band drummer?

If you feel compelled to get yours or someone else’s kid a toy drum set as a gift, in the hopes of sparking a calling into them, be sure to get a few things straight first. Do not forget, drums are loud and kids are curious! If they find the sound of the beating on the drums interesting, you will not stop hearing it for a very long time! There will be days when you will just want some peace and quiet around the house, only to come home to a ruckus so loud, it might just make you go ballistic! Just think twice before you make any purchases.