2-Year-Old Musical Prodigy Lays Down A Sick Drum Beat

Published July 18, 2015 50,194 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsMany people have many different kinds of talent. Some of those talents are skills that have been perfected and worked hard on to achieve, while as other talents occur naturally in people with little to no effort. The latter seems to be the case in this video as you watch as 2-year-old Camden demonstrates impressive drumming skills while playing at his family's home in Mississippi, USA. The little guy's timing is flawless!

It is amazing that this little guy is only 2 years old! He is so good at such a young age! Where did he find the time to practice? At two years old, most kids are learning the alphabet, playing with toys or even being potty trained, but not this kid! He just bangs away on those drums with a good rhythm and beat! He has a skill that a lot of people do not!

Just to think that about a year prior, little Camden was learning how to walk and talk, and now he is playing the drums! We knew that kids grow up fast, but who would have thought this fast!? Time does really fly when you are having fun!

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