4 years ago

Tenacious Baby Elephant Shows Determination To Escape Muddy Riverbank

The life of an elephant in the African wild is filled with danger and daily challenges. It takes determination and willpower to survive in such a hostile and unforgiving wilderness environment. Watching and observing these giant creatures facing their daily challenges is majority of the time a very rewarding and inspirational experience.

During a safari in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, these people came across a herd of elephants making their way through a difficult river crossing. Once the herd managed their way through the river, the elephants had to climb up a muddy and slippery riverbank to get out of the river. The majority of the elephants in the herd successfully made it through and up the riverbank onto the other side. This particular young male elephant seen in the video had to put in more than just his strength and energy to get out of the river.

The first attempt by the youngster to get out of the river resulted in an epic failure. At first it looks like he will make it on the first attempt but then the young elephant loses his footing, slips and falls hard while sliding down the riverbank back into the water. This elephant did not lose faith in his own abilities after his initial failure. He picks himself up while looking very determined to get out. The willpower of this youngster was clear. With all his strength and energy he attempts one more time. With sheer dedication, the elephant finally manages to pull himself up the bank and successfully gets himself out of the river. Once the young elephant was out, he quickly ran towards his mother looking very relieved.

Observing this behavior displayed by the young elephant was a great example of the fact that those who are driven enough to succeed will never give up after the first failed attempt of a challenge. The cute baby elephant struggles to cross a muddy riverbed and passes with flying colors. The tenacious rascal manages to tackle the slippery riverbank and manages to get out of the difficult situation.

Watching the determination of this adorable little guy after he kept on sinking into the mud over and over again, shows us to never give up, because success might be just around the corner.

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