South African baby elephant can't get out of mud hole

NewsflarePublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

This amazing footage shows how a baby elephant struggled to get out of a mud hole at a reserve in South Africa.

In the video, filmed at Kruger National Park on February 17, the baby elephant tries to get up out of the mud hole but repeatedly slides back down again.

In the end, the baby elephant is the only one left in the mud hole as all his bigger friends get out.

"Come on! Come on!" urges one onlooker, encouraging the baby elephant.

At this point, an adult wraps its trunk around the baby and helps it out of the hole.

Writes the filmer: "What started as laughter could easily have ended in tragedy as the cute elephant baby kept sliding back in with every attempt he made to get out. He needed to be saved.

"Tourists at first thought it was funny but soon realized the predicament the baby elephant found himself in.

"At long last, he tried to get out on the opposite side of the mud hole. Two family members immediately started helping him out with their trunks, to the great relief of the tourists which by now gave a round of applause.

"Wonderful to witness the amazing bond elephants have for their young and other family members!"

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