Brave Trucker Takes His Truck Over A Creek

Published May 27, 2018 308 Plays $0.86 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleSometimes there is no option except for a driveway to have a bridge that spans over a creek. Sometimes, not always. Most truck drivers would normally stop if they came across a creek or river, but not the hero in our video. he wouldn’t allow a small creek like this stop his Friday paycheck from coming in.

Trucks are constructed sturdy and built to endure. For example, here is a trucker from Hickory, North Carolina, USA, who literally plows through a creek with his truck. An ordinary car definitely wouldn’t be able to handle such a feat, but our driver and his truck
cross the creek like a water snake swimming upstream. Even though truckers are known for venturing even into larger and deeper rivers, what you see in the video above is an extremely risky maneuver and one not even the most trained of drivers would likely want to attempt.

Truck drivers are really a special sort of people. Their endurance, bravery, and skill are the stuff of legends. To support this fact, take a look of the video where a Large Truck Crosses Lofty Narrow Bridge. And please be warned that watching it would make you hold your breath and cheer the bravery of this truck driver! They just don’t teach you this at driving school! You are born with it and you live with it! Hats down!