Truck With Huge Wind Turbine Blade Makes Stunning Turn Onto Narrow Street

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Published: April 26, 2018

This remarkable video is filmed in Scotland and it shows a solution to a seemingly impossible problem - turning sharp right on a narrow road carrying a 200-foot turbine blade. At the start of the footage, the lorry is seen approaching the narrow entrance of the bridge that seems impossible to tackle carrying such a heavy load. However, the driver keeps holding to the far left-hand-side of the road in order not to damage this huge wind turbine blade and to have enough space to make a safe turn without being destroyed.

The clip shows how the enormous blade clear the railings on a bridge with just inches to spare. The video has quickly gone viral with over 2.3 million views. The incredible skill of the driver demonstrated in the footage is pulled off thanks to patience, very careful measurement, and rear wheels that are steered electronically from the cab. Two police vehicles can be seen in the clip with one leading the heavy goods vehicle and another behind - stopping traffic and allowing the turbine blade through. The HGV driver then swings the cab around the impossibly sharp bend, even managing to stay in the correct lane.

Travelling at a crawling pace, other workman can be seen directing the driver and checking to make sure the trailer is able to clear the rails at the side of the bridge. Another workman is seen at the rear of the trailer on a radio helping the driver steer the trailer and gently navigate it around the bend. If you think you could pull off a trick like this, think twice. We can only give standing ovations for this meticulous driver!

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      Dubayew · 27 weeks ago

      Pretty tricky, thanks

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      GhostriderGale · 27 weeks ago

      I was going to say they need to make this truck like the fire trucks that have a second driver in the back to turn the rear wheels. Then I noticed the rear wheels on this truck were turned already so the back would swing around. Driver must have controls inside the cab to control what the rear wheels do. Only makes sense really, without those rear wheels being able to steer that long of a rig wouldn’t be able to go many places! Heck of a job driving regardless, I’d love to drive a truck like that!

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      Vuthy012 · 27 weeks ago


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      Birchyboo1511 · 26 weeks ago

      That was awesome!! Nice job👍🏽