Journalist Forgoes His Story To Save Puppy From Floodwaters

FaithPot Published May 22, 2018 534 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleAs a heavy hailstorm hit San Antonio, Texas on Sunday, May 20, journalists have gathered in the area to report on events and possible casualties. But when one of them spotted something that might need more urgent attention that the story afoot, he forego his work to save a puppy from the rushing floodwaters.

San Antonio Express-News reporter Alexandro Luna was on location, about to report of a group of firefighters that rescued a woman that had been swept away in the flood. As they wrapped up the story with other fellow news reporters, one of them, Sarah Durian, spotted something struggling to stay afloat in the water.

“I was like, oh my God, guys! I think there is a dog in the water,” she explained. “I thought it was actually a water bottle but no, I noticed he had little eyes and it was a dog!”

She alerted San Antonio Park Police officer David Ramirez about the animal and the officer brought rope in hopes to lasso the dog out, but was unsuccessful. Other means had to be taken. Seeing how slender Luna is, they urged him to to tie a rope around his waist and hoist himself down there to get the pup out. The puppy obviously knew these people were here for him, so it held on to dear life while the other men lowered Luna down into the channel.

With a little team effort and some quick thinking, the tiny dog was out of the cold, rushing waters and onto dry, safe land.