Adorable Baby With Rare Hair Syndrome Looks Like Einstein

SWNSPublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

A baby girl has been diagnosed with an ultra-rare condition which means her gravity-defying hair is literally impossible to tame. Taylor McGowan, 17 months, is one of just a handful of kids around the world with a known case of Uncombable Hair Syndrome. It causes her bright white hair to stand on end despite efforts by her parents Cara and Tom McGowan - who both have straight brown hair - to brush and style it. The adorable tot attracts crowds wherever she goes and former mental health worker Cara, 32, says she is stopped "nine or ten times" on a trip to the shops.

Water won’t help the hair not to look messy, because every time her parents try to put a bit of water and comb it down, it just pops up back. Not even all kinds of styling products can control Taylor’s messy mane. Her family loves her unique look that reminds us of Albert Einstein whose shock of static white hair is also rumored to have been caused by this syndrome. However, we think that her hair is gorgeous and it matches her outgoing free and happy personality. She is beautiful and perfect and everybody is unique. We should always embrace the difference because it is a key to equality.

This syndrome is caused by a mutation to one of three genese - PADI3, TGM3, and TCHH. The defect impairs the interaction of the structural protein that gives hair its shape and strength. This gives hair follicles a triangular, heart or kidney-shaped cross. In total there are 100 cases reported to date in the world but there may be many more which have not been reported.

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