Playful Goat Enjoys Head-Butting With His Favorite Human

NathanNixon Published May 21, 2018 18,250 Plays $39.67 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA heartwarming video has emerged of a playful goat playing the head-butting game with his favorite human. Joel the goat loves to play with his human on the farm, and their game looks like so much fun!

Head-butting against a goat sounds pretty risky task if you ask us. However, the man in this video has found an interesting way to keep a goat occupied by engaging in an endless headbutting game. But who will be the winner? The goat or the man? Watch this video to find out!

Goats are seasoned head-butting professionals. While it may seem dangerous to us humans, head-butting is just a natural part of goat behavior. It's used both as a way for goats to play with one another and as a means of protection. Some goats will also use head-butting as a means to gain affection or attention.

Do not taunt a goat unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences. The man in this video was prepared to take that challenge and he engaged into a long match of headbutting with a playful goat. While, goats can be surprisingly aggressive to people who do not know these animals and their behaviors, depending on the situation, their aggression can be stemmed from a number of different places across a wide spectrum.

Many people think of goats headbutting each other and other animals as either a dominance thing between two male goats or as a protection against predators or perceived enemies. But actually, the headbutt, depending on the strength, can be an expression of any number of emotions.

Headbutting can also be a form of play. You can see with the goat in this video that when the man taunts him by raising his hand the goat is viewing it as a play challenge and immediately charges towards him, but in a playful manner.